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Committed to Helping
You Feel Better

Ace Medical and Pharmacy is committed to helping you feel better through our dedicated medical care and pharmacy services. Our professional team staff is here to care for you, your family and our community.

We are located in the heart of the Arbours of Keswick community in South West Edmonton.

Ace Medical Clinic

We are committed to maintaining a safe, welcoming and respectful environment for all our staff and patients.

Our vision is to provide comprehensive and patient centered care through all of life’s stages. Whether a patient seeks health promotion, illness prevention, chronic disease care or timely access for urgent medical needs, Ace Medical can help.

Ace Pharmacy

We aim to cater to all the various needs and experiences of diverse individuals. From traditional prescriptions and custom made medicines to over-the-counter treatments and a pharmacist curated selection of health and wellness products, we’ve got you covered. Please stop by our physical location, give us a call or reach out online, we look forward to providing you with a personalized pharmacy experience.